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What If...

You could use data, analytics, & AI to predict which properties were going to transact—before the transaction occurs?

You can...with nëdl.

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Game-changing commercial real estate market intelligence, analysis, & insight...powered by AI.

nëdl is the first and only AI-powered sales & market intelligence platform for the commercial real estate industry. 

Using machine learning and artificial intelligence, nëdl instantly analyzes millions of data points from thousands of resources to deliver game-changing commercial real estate market intelligence, analysis, & insight by user, market, and nationwide. 

Who is nëdl for? 
Commercial property brokers, lenders, acquisition & asset management professionals, & developers...

nëdl analyzes and ranks every single property in the market using property attributes like economic indicators, ownership typical hold period, market velocity, historical transactions, rental and occupancy rates, and loan maturities as well as other market indicators, to point you where to best use your time to meet your desired objective.

With one click, nëdl guides you in prioritizing your time and energy to navigate a path to higher probability transaction opportunities allowing you to
find the needle in the haystack

Machine learning means nëdl learns, improves, & evolves each time you use it for increasingly algorithmically smarter & better results. 

nëdl uses AI-powered algorithms & intelligence-based analysis to:

  • Recommend & prioritize seller prospects by owner readiness to sell based on 20+ metrics including portfolio analysis, property data, loan data, demography, & more.  

  • Identify best-matched buyers for listings based on historical transactions, acquisition patterns, key portfolio attributes, & more.

  • Eliminate hundreds of hours of cold calling and leg work by empowering brokers with game-changing property & buyer insight.

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As an AI sales and market intelligence platform, nëdl also offers instant access to traditional
deal & market data.

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Put the game-changing power of AI to work for you.

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Close more deals faster.

Identify and prioritize listing prospects by readiness to sell.

Sort hot from cold prospective opportunities in an instant.

Identify the best buyer for your listing with just one click. 

Spot emerging trends in your market before anyone else. 

Eliminate hundreds of hours of cold calling & leg work.

Get started now...

  • Quickly generate an AI-driven roster of potential multifamily sellers based on propensity to sell.


  • Gain strategic property & buyer insights that allow you to personalize outreach so when you call, they understand why and are ready to listen.


  • Swiftly match potential buyers based on AI-powered analysis of historical purchasing patterns & portfolio attributes in seconds. 


  • Increase your earning potential by leveraging real-time market intelligence, analysis, & insight with AI. 

nedl logo high res (1)22.png
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